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Youth Group News

Here’s the update on the Youth Group since last month. We started our shopping for Operation Christmas Child. Thanks to all who have contributed so far! We have 6 different groups for which we shop. We are almost half way there. This was Pastor Kays’ first time with us and she loved it. We will be shopping again soon.

Camp Summit was a big hit again. We had 4 adults and 7 youth stay over and Pastor Kay came out Tuesday morning and helped us with cleaning the lodge. On Wednesday morning, we pulled weeds and shoveled gravel. When the youth found out that most youth groups don’t come out to work, instead of asking why they had too, they wanted to know why the other groups don’t work. Way to go Youth!!

Since we had so much fun together on Mon, Tues, and Wed, 5 youth came on Saturday to walk in the parade and help pass out candy, water, and church flyers.

You may not see most of our youth in Sunday worship services, but they are very active in the community events.

We are also planning our annual night before Labor Day Breakfast game night, snack time, sleep in the pews. This gets us all there on time to help serve breakfast to the community.

We will also be meeting for a regular meeting on August 22. All the youth will be back in school at this time, so keep them all in your prayers.

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