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Youth Group News

So even though Kids Club just started up again, the Youth Group has continued to meet twice a month. We have now established a Thankful Bucket that does along with our Prayer Walls. We have filled up 3 complete free standing units and are working on our 4th. We are also adding something we are thankful for each time we meet and putting them in a bucket. We will take them out and read through them on the last time we meet before Steve “retires”. (Do we ever retire from ministry?)

We have had food, fellowship, and fun. We have played GaGa Ball, “I’m Special Because…”, 

Foosball, and helped start the filling of the 3,000 Easter Eggs. In March and April we will meet every time the Kids Club is active. 

 We are also planning another overnighter at the church before “Sonrise” service. 

 7pm Sat March 31 thru service Sunday Morning April 1. Youth will be returned to their homes when done, although all are welcome to join us.

In April during Easter Break we are planning something special on Wed the 4th so will send out Facebook / Text message to inform all of what is happening.

Thanks to all who help make this ministry possible.